Image Processing Solutions
When important decisions rely on the extraction and quantification of information from images, tool performance and user experience are equally critical in landing the right assessment. Images are a unique way of addressing materials complexity and provide the means to understanding materials behavior across scales. Adage Corporation and Reactiv’IP bring a combination of experience in geomaterials characterization and high performance software solutions to help you optimize your workflows at a competitive cost.

Use the IPSDK library as your image processing accelerator in Python and C++

IPSDK is Reactiv’IP’s high performance 2D and 3D image processing library, which can be called upon using either Python or C++. IPSDK can be used in conjunction with other libraries and allows you to fully script and accelerate your own workflows. IPSDK is optimized for your PC architecture with a demonstrated speed gain compared to other available software (see benchmark here).
IPSDK has also been made compatible with popular 3D visualization software such as Digi XCT, ORS Dragonfly or Avizo.

Easily deploy your own proprietary solution within your organization

Out of the immense variety of functionalities that exist in image processing, only a few are typically required for a given application, and the ability to shape a tool for a specific goal can mean substantial gains in terms of efficiency in deployment (e.g. training) and project completion time. This may even constitute an essential requirement to acquiring an image processing tool in the first place. To that end, Reactiv’IP has developed an easy-to-use interface based on the IPSDK library called ASTRA. ASTRA offers fast particle detection and measurement, and can be acquired as is, or customized for your particular application.

A great example of an application-oriented tool, the MetalloBox software, which was recently released by Reactiv'IP (see below), focuses specifically on 2D metallography. It allows to automatically extract the relative abundance and grain size for various phases (ASTM E112), as well as to perform interactive measurements.
For demonstration and pricing of any of these tools, contact us at [email protected], or visit Reactiv'IP's website for a full list of available services here.